"When you're in the mood for a bit more than a quick "in and out" meal, this little crab shack is perfect for the family. It's a cozy little place in the heart of Freeport Nautical Mile. Mom and dad can enjoy their favorite seafood dishes while the kiddo's enjoy a good ol' burger and fries, a personal pizza pie or anything their little heart desires."

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"Woodcleft Crabshack has been a local legend in this community for more than a quarter century. The Drosinos family has owned an operated this legendary restaurant for decades drawing raves from those who believe the fresh seafood is as good as it gets, especially in this seaside community."

-Baldwin/Freeport Tribune

"With either owner and chef George Drosinos or his son Andy always in the kitchen overseeing every detail, you are guaranteed to get a superior meal."

-The Freeporter

"The secret of their success can be attributed to their daily purchases of of fine, fresh seafood, and quality ingredients."

-The Leader

"The one of the Nautical Mile's most endearing spots. "


"They use local fish right off the boats in Freeport...They have the absolute best Manhattan Clam Chowder around."

-Insider Pages

"For fresh seafood in a casual setting, try the Woodcleft Crab Shack at 150 Woodcleft Ave."